Top 25 Entry-Level Job Interview Questions and Answers For Piping Engineers

Question 1 :-What Are Functions Of Valves?

Answer : Isolation, regulation, non-return and special purposes.

Question 2 :- What is preferred location for steam out nozzle on drum?

Answer : At the end opposite to the maintenance access.

Question 3 :-What Are Isolating Valves?

Answer : Gate, ball, plug, piston, diaphragm, butterfly, pinch.

Question 4:-What Are Special Valves?

Answer : Multi-port, flush bottom, float, foot, pressure relief, breather.

Question 5 :-What Are Regulating Valves?

Answer : Globe, needle, butterfly, diaphragm, piston, punch.

Question 6 :-What Are Non-return Valves?

Answer : Check valve.

Question 7 :-What Are Wetted Parts Of Valve?

Answer : All parts that come in contact with surface fluid are called wetted parts.

Question 8 :-What Is Straight Through Valve?

Answer : Valve in which the closing operation of valve is achieved by 90 degrees turn of the closing element.

Question 9 :- What Are Available Valve Operators?

Answer : Hand-lever, hand-wheel, chain operator, gear operator etc.

Question 10 :-Why ball valves are normally flanged?

Answer : Because of soft seat PTFE which can damage during welding.

Question 11 :-What are butterfly valve types?

Answer : Double flange type, wafer lug type and wafer type.

Question 12 :-What are types of check valve?

Answer : Lift check valves and swing check valves.

Question 13 :- What Is The Full Form Of Asme?

Answer : American Society for Mechanical Engineers.

Question 14 :- What Is The Full Form Of NPSH?

Answer : NPSH: Net Positive Suction Head.

Question 15 :- What Is The Software Available For Performing Piping Stress Analysis?

Answer : Caesar II, Auto Pipe etc.

Question 16 :- What are types of compressor drives?

Answer : Electric motor, gas turbine, steam turbine and gas engine.

Question 17 :- What factors to be considered while designing compressor housing?

Answer : Operation, Maintenance, Climate conditions, Safety, Economics.

Question18 :- What are the types of seal oil system?

Answer : Gravity and pressurized.

Question 19 :- What are the compressor housing design points?

Answer : Floor elevation, building width, building elevation, hook centerline elevation.

Question 20 :- How is suction line supported?

Answer : Commonly supported under the elbow adjacent to the pump nozzle.

Question 21 :- How should the suction line reducer be placed ?

Answer : It should be placed top flat.

Question 22 :- What are the types of tube arrangements?

Answer : U-tube, Fixed tube, kettle arrangement.

Question 23 :- What are drum internals?

Answer : Demister pads, Baffles, Vortex breakers, Distribution piping.

Question 24 :- What is preferred location for process nozzles on drum?

Answer : Minimum from the tangent line.

Question 25 :- What are drum supports?

Answer : Skirt for large drums, legs, lugs, saddles for horizontal drums.

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