Static Equipment Design and Piping Design Which is Better ?

What is Static Equipment Design ?
Static Equipments are, as the name implies “Static” or “Stationary”. These are the type of equipments which don’t have moving parts like pumps or compressors. These equipments are found in almost all the major process industries e-g Fertilizer Plants, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Gas Processing units, Pharmaceutical industries etc.

What is Pipe Design ?

Piping Design is a critical component of engineering projects and process plants. The science of piping engineering involves developing efficient piping processes that safely transport fluids and gases across industrial plants. Optimally designed piping system can enhance the use of space, ease its construction, simplify maintenance and accessbility and improve the overall performance of piping systems. 

Both career options are good and equally rewarding with slight edge for piping. Both are challenging and satisfying . Piping design carries extra variety and flexibility based on site.

Piping Engineer Job Roles(not limited to following)Layout engineer :-

  • 3D-modeling engineer
  • MTO and Isometric specialist
  • Flexibility analysis specialist
  • Finite element specialist
  • Pipeline specialist
  • Piping procurement specialist
  • Piping QA, inspection and testing specialist
  • Erection, commissioning specialist

Equipment Engineer job roles (not limited to following) Design code specialist :-

  • Finite element specialist
  • Procurement specialist
  • QA,inspection and testing specialist
  • Rigging specialist
  • Erection and commissioning specialist

One more information may help. For any size of plant , no. of piping engineers required are very high in comparison to the no. of static equipment engineers.
Therefore, any company recruits more piping engineer than static equipment engineers.

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