Introduction to HVAC Systems - Very Important Basics

What does HVAC Stands For ?
H = Heating
V = Ventilation
AC = Air Conditioning

A HVAC System is typically an Environmental Controls System, Which may include controls of Temperature, Humidity, and Air Flow, of a space.

Why is it important to understand HVAC Systems as a Construction Professional ?

  • HVAC Systems can cost from 10% to 25% of the total construction budget.
  • HVAC Systems take up more space than other trades - Impact trade coordination, Net usable sp.ft. of the Building, and Sequence of installation.
  • HVAC Systems are essential requirements for certain type of buildings, such as Laboratories, Hospital, Vivariums, Data Centers, etc.
  • Performance of the HVAC Systems will impact the long term operating cost of a building - Energy Efficiency, Maintenance Cost, and Life Expectancy.
  • Essential Element is LEED Projects.
  • You need to know how to deal with your mechanical- Sub!.

Process of Designing a HVAC System
  • Perform Cooling / Heating Load Calculation
  • System Selection - Centralized vs Decentralized, Mechanical Cooling vs Natural Ventilation, VAV vs Chilled Beams, Air Cooled vs Water Cooled etc.
  • Equipment Selection - Air Handling Units, VAV Boxes, Fans Chilled Beams, Diffusers, Pumps, Heat Ex hangers, etc.
  • System and Equipment Layout and Preliminary Spatial Coordination - Mechanical Room Sizes, Roof Equipment Layout, Shaft Layout, Duct work Distribution System, Pipe Routing etc.
  • Detailed Design - Detailed Trade Coordination, Control System Design, Support Details, etc.

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