Welder's Handbook (For Gas Shielded Arc Welding, Oxy Fuel Cutting & Plasma Cutting)

  1. Fusion Welding
  2. Why use Welding?
  3. Arc Welding Processes
  4. Welding Terms
  5. MIG/MAG Welding
  6. TIG Welding
  7. Plasma Welding
  8. Welding Sheet
  9. Welding Plate
  10. Welding Pipes
  11. Defects in Welds
The Right Gas :
  1. MIG/MAG Welding
  2. Flux cored Electrodes
  3. TIG Welding
  4. Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting
  5. Plasma Cutting
  6. Safety Always
  7. Conversion Data
Safety Always-- Accidents Never
Understand the properties and hazards associated with each gas before using it.
Always wear suitable eye and face protection when dealing with gases.
Always store cylinders in the vertical position, and ensure that they are properly secured.
Always protect your hands ! Wear stout gloves when handling gas cylinders.
Always use a proper trolley for moving cylinders, even for a short distance.

Never attempt to repair or modify cylinder valves or safety relied devices.
Never remove or obscure official labelling on a gas cylinder and always check the identify of a gas before using it.
Never smoke when dealing with gas.
Never use Direct heat on a cylinder keep cylinder cool.
Never allow oil or grease on cylinders and valves and always close the valve when not in use.
Never lift a cylinder by its cap, guard or valve. Always replace caps and guards.

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