Pipeline Materials Selection - An Overview

  1. Line Pipe 
  2. Clad Pipe
  3. Large Radius Bends
  4. Anti corrosion Coating
  5. Concrete Coating
  6. Sacrificial Anodes
  7. Field Joint Material
  8. Flanges, Gaskets and Blotting
  9. SSIV (Subsea Safety Insulated Valve) Overview
  10. Insulating Joints
  11. T & Y Tess and Conical Reducer (Butt Welding Fittings)
The selection of pipeline materials requires consideration of design, construction, operations, maintenance, threats, hazards, risks, safety and economics. Codes and standards provide mandatory and optional requirements and guidelines for the selection of materials. Experience and industry practice help to develop and implement requirements beyond mandatory and code minima, and to augment the achievement of safety and realization of the value of pipeline assets. Both codes and experience get updated over time. When selecting and using materials for pipeline systems, it becomes important to meet with code essentials, while simultaneously recognizing the recommendations of design engineers, materials specialists, manufacturers, installers and operators.

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