Lecture Notes on Liquid Piping System - PDF

Lecture Contents
  • Liquid Piping Systems
  • Minor Losses : Fittings and Valves in Liquid Piping Systems
  • Sizing Liquid Piping Systems
  • Fluid Machines (Pumps) and Pump-Pipe Matching
  • Design of Piping Systems complete with In-Line or Base Mounted Pumps.

Liquid Piping Systems
  • Piping Systems are used to transport diverse liquids for a variety of different application.
  • These applications may range from water service for buildings to complex two- phase flow systems in industrial plants. The design of these systems requires consideration of several groups of specialties and accessories that will be needed for a functional system.
  • This chapter will focus on fittings and accessories, pipe materials, fluid machines, and design considerations necessary for the successful design of practical piping systems for various applications.

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