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Introduction to Piping Design
  • Ahmad Haidar Akila
  • Started His Career as Mechanical Design Engineer in Jopetrol.
  • Working as Sr. Piping Design Engineer at Black Cat Consulting and Engineering Services (BCCES).
  • Holds PE in Mechanical Systems and Materials -NCEES # 14-942-32
  • Holds PMP, PMP # 1478283.
What is the Pipe ?
  • As per Merriam Webster dictionary , the pipe is a long tube or hollow body for conducting a liquid, gas, or finely divided solid.
  • Technically : The pipe Is a beam , which acts as pressure vessel and transfer fluids.
Piping System
Piping systems includes :
  1. The pipes , fittings and flanges .
  2. Valves.
  3. Gaskets and bolts
  4. Special Piping Components ( Insulation Gaskets, Special Valves, Filters and strainers, Corrosion Protection Fittings, etc).
  5. Pipe Supports.

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