How to Calculate Chiller's Performance ?


Benefits of Calculations :- 
  • Understand the actual performance.
  • Compare to original manufacturing engg .Data.
  • Suggest methods to improve performance.
  • Increase cooling effect.
  • Reduce power consumption.
  • Evaluate the benefit of replacing with new chillers.
  • Energy Saving : must re-named as Elimination of energy wastage (|Optimization), were wastage is anything beyond comfort & safety lines, without clear strategy none of energy saving program succeed or sustain.
  • For that we like to share with you our method to optimize chilled water system and use CHW-Delta-T to indicate the level of cost effective saving.
  • Not to forget the training program for your team to sustain the Optimization system and ensure effectiveness over time since the "Technology is a Tool Peoples are the Keys".

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