Welding Safety - Important Basics (Download PPT)

Welding, by its very nature, has the opportunity to injure those actively engaged.
Welding can use dual compressed gases or electrical sources; each capable of injury if not used properly. Methods used and environment in which used should be evaluated to determine and remedy potential hazards.

Each one of the following topics will be addressed in this presentation:
  • 1926.350 Gas Welding
  • 1926.351 Arc Welding
  • 1926.352 Fire Prevention
  • 1926.353 Ventilation
  • 1926.354 Preservative Coatings

Some violations found by inspectors show that each of the noted problems could have been remedied by proper policy, procedures and enforcement by supervisors and owners.
Each violation noted could cause injury or death depending upon circumstances.
An estimated 562,000 employees are at risk for exposure to chemical and physical hazards of welding, cutting and brazing.For the construction industry, welders flash (burn to the eyes) accounts for 5.6% of all construction eye injuries.


  1. Respiratory disturbances
  2. Infection - Influenza
  3. Fever - Acute Bronchitis
  4. Pneumonia - Chills, Shivering, Trembling, Nausea, Vomiting.
  • Plastic disposable cigarette lighters are very dangerous around heat and flame.
  • It is very important that they not be carried in the pockets while welding.
  • Always provide protection to bystanders or other workers by welding inside a properly screened area, if possible.
  • If unable to work inside a screened area then protection to others should be provided by a portable screen or shield or by their wearing anti-flash goggles.
  • Not only do we not want to bring a hazard into the work location; we want to create a barricade between the worker and potential harm.

Some dangers include the arc in welding :-

  • The arc itself - the temperature can reach 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit (6,000 °F)
  • The intense ultraviolet and infra-red rays can be harmful to both the welder and anyone else nearby.
  • It is not unusual for welders who are not wearing overalls to suffer symptoms similar to extreme sunburn.
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