WELDING INSPECTION TECHNOLOGY - Sample CWI Fundamental Examination

WELDING INSPECTION TECHNOLOGY - Sample CWI Fundamental Examination
Published by
American Welding Society
Education Service

Download this PDF File with the below Download Link of the page . Here are the few sample of CWI Fundamental Examination Q&A...

F1 . Which of the following metals cannot be efficiently cut with OFC ?
a. high- carbon steel
b. low- carbon steel
c. stainless steel
d. cast iron
e. tempered steel

F2 . Electrical conductivity of a part is the primary requirement for which NDE method ?
a. ET
b. UT
c. PT
d. RT
e. VT

F3. The melting point of carbon steel is approximately :
a. 2250° F
b. 2375° F
c. 2780° F
d. 3005° F
e. 3333° F

F4. Decibel is a term associated with which NDE method ?
a. UT
b. RT
c. MT
d. PT
e. ET

F5. Which GMAW metal transfer mode results in the least amount of penetration ?
a. globular
b. short circulating
c. spray
d. plused spray
e. globular spray

F6. Which of the following gases is commonly used as a shielding for GTAM ?
a. argon
b. carbon dioxide
c. oxygen
d. argon / carbon dioxide
e. tri-mix

F7 . After a rejected weld has been repaired, re-inspected and found to be acceptable, the welding inspector should :
a. change the original inspection report to indicate the parts acceptance
b. mark directly on the part
c. fill out a second inspection report
d. tell the foreman to have the part moved to its next operation
e. no further action is required

F8. When a metal is alloyed, how are the atoms of the alloy incorporated into the original metal lattice structure ?
a. by inclusion or exclusion
b. substitutionally or interstitially
c. by diffusion
d. by becoming martensitic
e. by casting

F9. A wire IQI is used in which NDE method ?
a. UT
b. ET
c. RT
d. MT
e. PT

F10. In general, which of the following is not commonly used as a semiautomatic process ?
d. SAW
e. MIG

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