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This book covers piping calculations for liquids and gases in single phase steady state flow for various industrial applications. Pipe sizing and capacity calculations are covered mainly with additional analysis of strength requirement for pipes. In each case the basic theory necessary is presented first followed by several example problems fully worked out illustrating the concepts discussed in each chapter. Unlike a textbook or a handbook the focus is on solving actual practical problems that the engineer or technical professional may encounter in their daily work. The calculation manual approach has been found to be very successful and I want to thank Ken McCombs of McGraw-Hill for suggesting this format.

The book consists of ten chapters and three appendices. As far as possible calculations are illustrated using both US Customary System of units as well as the metric or SI units. Piping calculations involving water are covered in the first three chapters titled Water Systems Piping, Fire Protection Piping Systems and Wastewater and Stormwater Piping. Water Systems Piping address transportation of water in short and long distance pipelines. Pressure loss calculations, pumping horsepower required and pump analysis are discussed with numerous examples. The chapter on Fire Protection Piping Systems covers sprinkler system design for residential and commercial buildings. Wastewater
Systems chapter addresses how wastewater and stormwater piping is designed. Open channel gravity flow in sewer lines are also discussed.

Chapter 1. Water Systems Piping
Chapter 2. Fire Protection Piping Systems
Chapter 3. Wastewater and Stormwater Piping
Chapter 4. Steam Systems Piping
Chapter 5. Compressed-Air Systems Piping
Chapter 6. Oil Systems Piping
Chapter 7. Gas Systems Piping
Chapter 8. Fuel Gas Distribution Piping Systems
Chapter 9. Cryogenic and Refrigeration Systems Piping
Chapter 10. Slurry and Sludge Systems Piping
Appendix A. Units and Conversions
Appendix B. Pipe Properties (U.S. Customary System of Units)
Appendix C. Viscosity Corrected Pump Performance

Author Details
"E. SHASHI MENON, P.E"., has over 29 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, holding positions as design engineer, project engineer, engineering manager, and chief engineer for major oil and gas companies in the United States. He is the author of Liquid Pipeline Hydraulics and several technical papers. He has taught engineering and computer courses, and is also developer and co-author of over a dozen PC software programs for the oil and gas industry. Mr. Menon lives in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

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