Engineering Handbook for Industrial Plastic Piping Systems


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The following information is provided as a general guide for the selection of piping systems subjected to various chemical sub stances. The recommendations stated are based on information provided by our manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and our extensive field experience, and is believed to be reliable. This information is based on one or more of the following: actual chemical immersion testing, chemical structure comparison to substances that have been tested, past field experience, and various other sources.

1. Material Descriptions
2. Industrial Standards
3. Chemical Resistance
4. Relative Properties
5. Thermoplastic Engineering
6. Above-Ground Installation
7. Below-Ground Installation
8. Testing
9. Installation of Thermoplastics
10. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP)
11. Hydraulic Fundamentals
12. Conversion Charts
13. Pump Data
14. Glossary of Piping Terms

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