Design of Water Supply Pipe Networks

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A large amount of money is invested around the world to provide or upgrade piped water supply facilities. Even then, a vast population of the world is without safe piped water facilities. Nearly 80% to 85% of the cost of a total water supply system is contributed toward water transmission and the water distribution network. Water distribution system design has attracted many researchers due to the enormous cost.

The aim of this book is to provide the reader with an understanding of the analysis and design aspects of water distribution system. The book covers the topics related to the analysis and design of water supply systems with application to sediment-transporting pipelines. It includes the pipe flow principles and their application in analysis of water supply systems. The general principles of water distribution system design have been covered to highlight the cost aspects and the parameters required for design of a water distribution system. The other topics covered in the book relate to optimal sizing of water-supply gravity and pumping systems, reorganization and decomposition of water supply systems, and transportation of solids as sediments through pipelines. Computer programs with development details and line by line explanations have been included to help readers to develop skills in writing programs for water distribution network analysis. The application of linear and geometric programming techniques in water distribution network optimization have also been described.

1. Introduction
2. Basic Principles of Pipe Flow
3. Pipe Network Analysis
4. Cost Considerations
5. General Principles of Network Synthesis
6. Water Transmission Lines
7. Water Distribution Mains
8. Single-Input Source, Branched Systems
9. Single-Input Source, Looped Systems
10. Multi-Input Source, Branched Systems
11. Multi-Input Source, Looped Systems
12. Decomposition of a Large Water System and Optimal Zone Size
13. Reorganization of Water Distribution Systems
14. Transportation of Solids Through Pipelines
Appendix 1. Linear Programming
Appendix 2. Geometric Programming
Appendix 3. Water Distribution Network Analysis Program

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"Prabhata K. Swamee"

"Ashok K. Sharma"

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