The Pipe Fitters Stainless Steel Square is a precision square that was designed for the welder , pipe fitter , boiler maker or layout man. Once you are familiar with the scales and table of this square, you will be able to solve many problems in pipe fitting and layout work with speed and accuracy. The D248 can be used with the small or Large Square positioner (D238S, D243L, protractor Square Holder (D242) , Small or large Pipe Fitters Protractor and Square Set (239S ,D239L ).

  • CHART NO.1 Standard Weld Tee 
  • CHART NO.2 Standard Weld Ell 
  • CHART NO.3 150# Weld Neck Flange 
  • CHART NO.4 300# Weld Neck Flange 
  • CHART NO.5 O.D. OF 150# Flange 
  • CHART NO.6 O.D. OF 300# Flange 
  • CHART NO.7 Diameter of 150# Slip Blind 
  • CHART NO.8 Diameter of 300# Slip Blind 
  • CHART NO.9 Circumference & 1/8
  •                         Circumference of Pipe 
  • CHART NO.10 Bolt Chart - 150# Flange 
  • CHART NO.11 Bolt Chart - 300# Flange 
  • CHART NO.12 Tangent Chart 
  • CHART NO.13 Inches Divided into Feet 
  • CHART NO.14 “X” Dimension of Standard Chart 
  • CHART NO.15 Millimeter Chart 
  • CHART NO.16 Finding Degrees Off
  •                           Vertical & Horizontal 
  • CHART NO.17 Inch Divided into Sixteenths 
  • CHART NO.18 Decimal Equivalent Chart 
  • CHART NO.19 90° Saddle 
  • CHART NO.20 Laying out for a Base Ell 
  • CHART NO.21 ARC 90° 
  • CHART NO.22 1/4 Marks on Chart
  • EXAMPLE NO. 1 Finding Cut-Back for any Miter
  • EXAMPLE NO. 2 Converting Slope (Inches Per Foot to Degree)
  • EXAMPLE NO. 3 Laying Out Laterals (Miter Method)
  • EXAMPLE NO. 4 Solving Triangles & Offsets
  • EXAMPLE NO. 5 Laying Out Laterals
  • EXAMPLE NO. 6 For Parallel Piping
  • EXAMPLE NO. 7 Rolling Offsets
  • EXAMPLE NO. 8 Preparing Pipe for Ordinate Lengths
  • EXAMPLE NO. 9 Applying Ordinate Lengths to Pipe (Radial Cuts)
  • EXAMPLE NO. 10 Applying Ordinate Lengths to Pipe (Miter Method)
  • EXAMPLE NO. 11 To Find Center to End of Bends & Fitting
  • EXAMPLE NO. 12 Laying Out Angles
  • EXAMPLE NO. 13 Laying Out a Y

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