HVAC - Introduction ( Basics with PDF )

H – Heating
V – Ventilating
A – Air
C - Conditioning

What are we Going to Learn?
  • Basics of refrigeration & HVAC
  • Working cycles of HVAC
  • Components of HVAC
  • Functions of HVAC components
  • Study Of Compressor & Condenser
  • Study of Evaporator & Refrigerants
  • Refrigerant handling and replacement
  • Inspection & Breakdown Maintenance
  • Malls, Hotel, Multiplex, Inspection & Breakdown
  • Maintenance

What is the purpose of HVAC ?
It conditions the air, transports it, and introduces it to the conditioned space. It provides heating and cooling from its central plant . It also controls and maintains the temperature, humidity, air movement, air cleanliness, sound level, and pressure differential in a space within predetermined limits for the comfort and health of the occupants of the conditioned space or for the purpose of product processing.

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