TRIANGLE - Terms in Mathematics For Piping Engineers

Everyone knows that the definition of a triangle is a flat shape that has 3 side lines connecting the 3 vertices with the sum of the three angles is 180 degrees.
Or by another name triangle.

Triangle or triangle there are 4 types.
1. An angled triangle
2 Isosceles triangles
3. Equilateral triangle
4. Any triangle

The 4 shapes of these triangles have a large number of angles of 180 degrees.
Maybe someone asks why 180 degree ??

Unlike other flat shapes.,
Example :- 
  • Square 4
  • Square 5
  • Square 6 etc.
Which has a large number of angles of the flat shape 360 ​​degre. !!!.
Let's discuss ...
I've been studying it for a long time.
The conclusion arises that when we draw a line from one corner point to another vertex through the midpoint of the shape.

The shape does NOT have opposite angles.
Then the sum of the angles of all the 180 degree triangles.
In contrast to other rectangular shapes.
When we connect a line from one corner point to another vertex, passing through the center of the shape will HAVE opposite angles.

Then the large number of angles of this shape is 360 degrees.
According to my research.

Let's examine it
I think the right triangle is Pythagoras
Maybe there are objections to my cuttings ..., that everyone knows Pythagoras is a formula not a flat shape ....
So true.!!!.

But I'm trying to indoctrinate you ...
That the PHYTAGORAS formula can only be used when the triangle is angled ...... or triangle is angled.

Maybe someone thought.
What about the other triangles ..?
Did Pythagoras not apply ...?
Let's examine it
According to my research, Pythagoras applies when the triangle is made into an angled triangle ... so it is not not valid for other triangles.
But you try to make an angled triangle inside another triangle.

Example :-
Isosceles or equilateral triangle ...
When we divide the 2 triangles by drawing the midpoint line towards the center of the base line, we will form 2 angled triangles ... and after we see the right triangle, then we can use the Pythagorean Formula inside.
That's according to my version of a triangle having a 180 degree angle and using Pythagoras ... in a triangle ..
Hopefully this is useful for you
And apologize if there is language that is not understood and my words are not polite ... .
I hope you pray for me and my family, to be given health and a long life, by the ONE ALMIGHTY GOD ..
and I hope that you and your family will always be healthy wherever you are.

Written By :- 
Rudy Hasiholan Gultom
Former Structural Engineer at Swiber Offshore Construction Pte Ltd,Singapore

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