The Basics of Pipes and Bends On Ships


  • Basics of Pipes
  • Bends & Elbows
  • Types of Elbows
  • Types of Nipple
  • Types of Adapter
  • Types of Tee
  • Miscellaneous Fittings

Basics of Pipes
There are several important aspects of the duties of marine engineer on ships as he is someone who is in charge of all the operations and watch keeping of the engine room.

In case of new fabrication of a pipe line, repair work, or making dry dock specification, a marine engineer must have good knowledge of piping and fittings to be used in the engine room of the ship.

About Author
This eBook is a compilation of series of articles written by Chief Engineer Mohit Sanguri on “Pipes and Bends on Ships”
Chief Engineer Mohit Sanguri is a Marine Engineer (Class I Unlimited Power). He has 12 years of experience working on ships. He is currently working with Dynacom Tankers Ltd on their Bulk Carriers division and has served in the past in Wallems Ship Mgmt. on Car Carriers and PCTC’s, MSC Ship Mgmt. on Containers, Univan Ship Mgmt on RoRos, Five Stars Shipping on Bulkers, and SNP Ship Mgmt. on General Cargo at various designations.

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