Lecture Note's On Refrigeration Cycle (PDF DOWNLOAD)


Contents :-
  • Principles of Refrigeration,
  • Methods of producing refrigeration
  • Liquefaction Process
  • Coefficient of Performance
  • Evaluation of the Performance of vapour compression and gas refrigeration cycles.

Introduction :-
  • Refrigeration is the science of producing and maintaining temperatures below that of the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Refrigeration is generally produced in one of the following three ways :
i) By melting a solid
ii)By sublimation of a solid
iii)By evaporation of a liquid.

Author Details
Dr. M. Subramanian
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering
Kalavakkam - 603110 , Kanchipuram (Dist)
Tamil Nadu, India.

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