SCENE- Piping Engineering Note (Revision-6)

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The SCENE detector, has been designed and installed at the Fermilab building PAB in 2012. It has run successfully with liquid argon since then.

In 2014, for Rev 3, this document was updated to run it with liquid xenon. The design pressure remains the same, but the temperature is now 170K. No changes in the design are needed. At this time, Appendix E was added to verify that the Pressure Relieving Device is suitable for these conditions as well. A note was added to Section 11.0 to that effect.

The P&ID shown in Appendix A was changed, but the changes were in warm piping. A pressure vessel has also been added: PPD-10120. It is U-stamped and it already has the PPD sticker.

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Design code and evaluation criteria
3.0 Materials
4.0 GAr line from heat exchanger to condenser
5.0 Condenser
6.0 LAr line from condenser to detector
7.0 Detector
8.0 GAr line from detector to condenser
9.0 GAr line from detector to heat exchanger
10.0 Weld documentation
11.0 Pressure relief system
12.0 Pressure test
13.0 Summary
Appendix A. SCENE P&ID (including most recent revision)
Appendix B. Weld documents - Leonard Harbacek
Appendix C. Detector PRV sizing calculations for liquid argon service
Appendix D. Pressure test form
Appendix E. Detector PRV sizing calculations for liquid xenon service
Appendix F. Burst disc sizing and information
Appendix G. Valve, instrument, and equipment list

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