Improving Pumping System Performance: A Sourcebook for Industry, Second Edition

This second edition of Improving Pumping System Performance: A Sourcebook for Industry was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) and the Hydraulic Institute (HI). ITP undertook this project as part of a series of sourcebook publications on industrial equipment. Other topics in this series include compressed air systems, fan and blower systems, motors and drives, steam systems, and process heating systems. For more information about ITP and HI, see Section 4, “Where to Find Help.”

The Department of Energy, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Alliance to Save Energy, and Resource Dynamics Corporation wish to thank staff at the many organizations that so generously assisted in the collection of data for this sourcebook. In addition, we would like to particularly recognize the following for their input and reviews of the first and second editions of this sourcebook:

Contents :- 
Section 1: Pumping System Basics
Section 2: Performance Improvement Opportunity Roadmap
Section 3: The Economics of Improving Pumping Systems
Section 4: Where to Find Help

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