Pipeline welding is similar to traditional welding in a lot of ways, but it can get tricky. Welders often have a lot of questions about welding different kinds of pipe, from high-pressure and high-purity pipe for food and beverage industries to pipe for oil and gas applications. There are some different techniques that are necessary when you’re welding pipes instead of flat surfaces, and it can require much more finagling. There are many common issues in pipe welding and fabrication that can lead to problems. 

Basically when it comes to pipeline welding, TIG welding is usually the preferred method. 

Focusing on some basic variables in the pipe welding process can help address these challenges —especially as pipe shops and field operations push to train new welders, work with new materials and increase quality and productivity. 

In these we have provided a  SMAW PIPE WELDING TECHNIQUES (PDF)

This guide will let you in on some tips and tricks for pipe welding and let you know what you need to do to adjust your welding technique. 

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