List of some Abbreviations and Acronyms Which are Associated with Activities related to Piping.

Listed below are some abbreviations and acronyms which are associated with activities related to piping

American Association of Engineers
ACI-- American Concrete Institute
ACRI-- Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute
A-E -- Architect-engineer
AEC-- American Engineering Council
AESC-- American Engineering Standards Committee
AFFFA-- American Forged Fitting and Flange Association
AIDD -- American Institute of Design and Drafting
AIME -- American Institute of Mechanical Engineers
AISC-- American Institute of Steel Construction
AISE -- Association of Iron and Steel Engineers
AISI -- American Iron and Steel Institute
AMAA -- Adhesives Manufacturers Association of America
AMCA -- Air Moving and Conditioning Association
AMFIE --  Association of Mutual Fire Insurance Engineers.
AMICE -- Associate Member of Institute of Civil Engineers
ANS -- American Nuclear Society
ANSI -- American National Standards Institute
API -- American Petroleum Institute
ARI  -- Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute
ASBC -- American Standard Building Code
ASCE -- American Society of Civil Engineers
ASCEA -- American Society of Civil Engineers and Architects
ASCHE -- American Society of Chemical Engineers
ASE -- Amalgamated Society of Engineers
ASEA -- American Society of Engineers and Architects
ASEE -- American Society of Engineering Education
ASHACE -- American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
ASHRAE -- American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
ASME -- American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASNE -- American Society of Naval Engineers
ASRE -- American Society of Refrigeration Engineers
ASSE -- American Society of Safety Engineers; American Society of Sanitary Engineers
ASTM -- American Society for Testing and Materials
ASWG -- American steel and wire gauge
AWG -- American wire gauge
AWS -- American Welding Society
AWWA -- American Water Works Association
BHN -- Brinell hardness number
CAD -- Computer-aided design
CADD -- Computer-aided design drafting db Dry bulb
DCCP -- Design change control program
DCEA -- Directory of Civil Engineering Abbreviations
DCN -- Design/drawing change notice
DIN -- Deutsches Institu fu¨ r Normung; German Standards Institute
DIPRA -- Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association
DIS -- Ductile Iron Society
EJMA -- Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association
FCI -- Fluid Controls Institute
FMA -- Forging Manufacturers Association
gpm -- Gallons per minute
gps -- Gallons per second
HI -- Hydraulic Institute.
HVAC -- Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning
IAEE -- International Association of Earthquake Engineers
IFHTM -- International Federation for the Heat Treatment of Materials
IFI -- Industrial Fasteners Institute
IGSCC -- Intergranular stress corrosion cracking
ISA -- International Standards Association; Instrument Society of America
NACE -- National Association of Corrosion Engineers
NAPE -- National Association of Power Engineers
NASE -- National Association of Stationary Engineers
NASPD -- National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors
NCPI -- National Clay Pipe Institute
NFPA -- National Fire Protection Association
NIMA -- National Insulation Manufacturers Association
NPT -- National Pipe Taper
NSPE -- National Society of Professional Engineers
NSSS -- Nuclear steam system supplier
OBE -- Operating-basis earthquake
OSHA -- Occupational Safety and Health Act, or Administration
PACE -- Professional Association of Consulting Engineers
PFI -- Pipe Fabrication Institute
PJA -- Pipe Jacking Association
PLCA -- Pipe Line Contractors Association
ppb -- Parts per billion
PFMA -- Pipe Fittings Manufacturers Association
PPI -- Plastic Pipe Institute
ppm -- Parts per million
PPMS -- Plastic Pipe Manufacturers’ Society
PRI -- Plastics and Rubber Institute
RWMA -- Resistance Welding Manufacturers’ Association
SAE -- Society of Automotive Engineers
SCC -- Stress corrosion cracking
SMA -- Solder Markers’ Association; Steel Manufacturers’ Association
VMA -- Valve Manufacturers’ Association.

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