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Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB):- 

Testing, adjusting and balancing is a procedure that enables systematic checking and adjusting all the environmental systems in a plant or other building to ensure operation in accordance with the design objectives. TAB procedures are generally performed after the equipment is completely installed and serviced. TAB procedures involve quantifying and reporting the following:

1. Balancing Air and Water Flow:- 

Balancing valves on coil or water circuits and balancing dampers on air distribution systems must be adjusted to provide the required flows.

2.Adjust System :- 
Fans and other equipment may require speed adjustments to provide the design quantities.

3.Electrical Measurements :-
Voltage and current measurements are required to verify power requirements and ensure the motors
are not overloaded.

4.Equipment Ratings :- 
Record data to verify the performance of all components complies with the intent of the design.

5.Controls :- 
Verify settings and operation of automatic controls.

6.Noise and Vibration :-
Measure sound and vibration on critical systems or systems that exhibit abnormal noise and vibration
levels. However, noise and vibration measurements are not normally included in TAB procedures for Reclamation projects.

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