What are the Factors to be consider while Choosing an Air-Conditioning System ?

Each of the four general types of air-conditioning systems has numerous variations, so choosing a
system is not a simple task. The factors that influence system choice are :-

1. Building design
2. Location issues
3. Utilities: availability and cost
4. Indoor requirements and loads
5. Client issues

Building Design :-
The design of the building has a major influence on system choice.

Location Issues :-
The building location determines the weather conditions that will affect the building and its
occupants. For the specific location we will need to consider factors like: peak summer cooling conditions-summer humidity-peak winter heating conditions-wind speeds sunshine
hours-typical snow accumulation depths.

Utilities: Availability and Cost :-
The choice of system can be heavily influenced by available utilities and their costs to supply and use. The cost of electricity may be very high at peak periods, encouraging the design of an electrically efficient system with low peak-demand for electricity.

Indoor Requirements and Loads :-
The location effects and indoor requirements provide all the necessary information for load calculation for the systems. The thermal and moisture loads: Occupants’ requirements and heat output from lighting and equipment affect the demands on the air-conditioning system.

Outside ventilation air:-
The occupants and other polluting sources, such as cooking, will determine the requirements.

The indoor arrangement of spaces and uses will determine if, and how, the system is to be

Client Issues :-
Buildings cost money to construct and to use. Therefore, the designer has to consider the clients’
requirements both for construction and for in-use costs. For example, the available construction
finances may dictate a very simple system. Alternatively, the client may wish to finance a very sophisticated, and more expensive system to achieve superior performance, or to reduce in-use costs.

System Choice :-
While all the above factors are considered when choosing a system, the first step in making a choice
is to calculate the system loads and establish the number and size of the zones. Understanding of
the loads may eliminate some systems from consideration. For example in warm climates where
heating is not required only systems providing cooling need be considered.

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