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Table of Content :-
  1. Introduction
  2. Handling
  3. Trench Specifications
  4. Backfilling and Installation Selection
  5. Joints
  6. Special Requirements
  7. Pipe Deflection
  8. Field Testing
  9. Pipeline Commissioning
  10. Air in Pipelines, Air Valves and Surge Control
  11. Repair and Replacement of Pipe
  12. Tapping WAVISTRONG (H2O) WATER SERIES Water Mains


This manual deals with the handling, laying and testing of WAVISTRONG (H2O) WATER SERIES pipes. Pipe diameter ranges from 100 mm up to 1200 mm with a pressure class of 10 bar and stiffness classes of 5000 or 10000 N/m². Pipes are solid wall type (non-ribbed). Table shows WAVISTRONG® (H2O) WATER SERIES pipe standard lengths.

This manual should be carefully read by the Contractor responsible for laying the pipes, as well as by the design Engineer. This information should be considered only as a guide. The Engineers or others involved in pipeline design or installation should establish for themselves the procedure suited to the site conditions. Sound engineering practices should always be followed.
Our site service representatives are at the disposal of the Contractor / end user in order to advise on the handling and installation of the pipes. We also have the capability for executing the pipe system installation (excluding any civil and mechanical work) and have a dedicated team for such services. Please contact our engineers for further details.

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